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Top Quality Heavy Duty Grill Covers Manufacturer In China


Custom Grill Covers, 600D Heavy Duty Grill Covers


BBQ is a treat that everyone in the family is always glad to enjoy. For this reason, buying a BBQ grill is every man’s dream or job, depending on where you come from. Meat is a man’s affair in the house, and grilling makes it even better. For those who love grilling, having a BBQ grill isn’t the end of things. The Grill serves you fantastic food, and taking care of it is imperative to how long you keep enjoying the grilled food. It doesn’t matter if the Grill stays indoors in your garage, the patio or outdoors. Buying a heavy duty grill cover is one of the ways you can take care of this important equipment. Our custom grill cover is a perfect fit for most brands, and it comes packed with features.


Features Of Heavy Duty Grill Covers


What is the point of having a BBQ grill cover that is not waterproof? If you keep it outdoors, rainwater corrodes the thing and damages it before you know it. If you put it indoors, moisture finds its way into the Grill doing the same damage as water. Our heavy duty grill covers feature a 600D Oxford liner with enforced stitching that is waterproof to protect your grill during any storm and ensure your grill stays free from rust.


bbq coverSun-protection coating                                                  Waterproof materials



Wide Compatibility


Our heavy-duty protective grill cover is wide enough to cover most grill brands completely. Standard Size: 66.9” L x 24” W x 48” H Suitable for most grills with 2 or 3 burners. This is just a standard size, If you want to order any size of custom bbq cover, we are always welcome. You can print your LOGO and the pattern on your custom grill cover. The minimum order quantity is only 100 units for any custom order.




Our heavy duty grill covers are made with heavy-duty 600D heavy-duty, durable material. The grill cover is weather-resistant, water, and dustproof. It can protect your Grill from sun, rain, sand storms, wind, and much more. The material is also rip-resistant and UV protective. You don’t have to worry about it getting ripped as you tighten the cover around your Grill for a tight fit. The UV resistance feature provides durability against sunlight.


Easy to Clean


To clean, wipe the grill cover with a damp cloth and if it seems like too much work, hose it with water, and the dirt disappears. Dry the cover in the sun, making sure it is completely dry to avoid damaging the Grill with water and moisture.

Your BBQ grill is always there for you but not for long if you don’t take care of it. Protecting the BBQ grill with the grill cover extends the life of this important equipment. It is wise to let your Grill cool down and clean it before covering it with the BBQ grill cover. This way, it doesn’t damage the cover, and next time you need to use the Grill, uncover it and start smoking.


Where to buy custom Heavy Duty Grill Covers?


Custom grill covers in Wing Fung Cloth Products Company, we guarantee that every product is perfect and Top-quality. If you find any defective products in our products, please let us know, and we will replace them for you free of charge. That is our promise to you, and that is what we ask of ourselves.

Heavy Duty Grill Covers

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